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Funnel Hacking Live Recap – Day 2 of 4

Day 2 at Funnel Hacking Live focused on how you’re just one funnel away…

On today’s episode Russell recaps day number two of Funnel Hacking Live, which contained amazing things about funnels like:

  • Several different kinds of funnels such as, Free Plus Shipping Funnels, Documentary Funnels, Webinar Funnels, Relationships Funnels, etc.
  • Russell goes into a little detail about his Funnel Audibles presentation, as well as a few other people’s presentations.
  • And Find out how much money Clickfunnels was able to donate to World Teacher Aide from all live funnels.

So listen here to find out about all the stuff you may have missed during day two of Funnel Hacking Live.

Funnel Hacking Live Recap – Day 1 of 4

My own personal biggest take-aways from the first day of Funnel Hacking Live.

On today’s episode Russell talks about the events and speakers from the first day of 2018 Funnel Hacking Live. Here are some of the coolest parts of day one:

  • Seeing all the Two Comma Club winners, as well as the all the people who made 8 figures and their awesome awards.
  • Finding out what Operation Underground Railroad is and how much money they were able to raise on their behalf.
  • Being able to watch the documentary film about OUR, to inspire people to help.

So listen to this episode to be able to relive what happened the first day of Funnel Hacking Live, or be filled with regret if you missed it.